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Chase T.
Seattle, WA
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AirLoop is amazing and always responsive and helpful. They take such good care of our building and is always ready to help and look at every possible option to make sure things are taken care of!
Stan S.
Kirkland, WA
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AirLoop did the work no other AC company would touch. They installed our factory direct equipment for us when others wouldn't because they couldn't charge 2-5 times Cost. The Quote AirLoop gave was fair, reasonable & all inclusive. They showed up on time and completed the Job efficiently and to our satisfaction. Customer service & satisfaction is their number one Goal. AirLoop has a Customer for Life.
Mayorga L.
Everett, WA
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AirLoop did an amazing job tuning my HVAC system! He provided such knowledgeable expertise and suggestions to making our home warmer and less costly through the winter! He optimized our system, and provided great customer service answering all my questions. It really made a difference in the service and experience!
Fack C.
Community Manager - Redmond, WA
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I manage an apartment community of 486 apt. homes, AirLoop, really cares about his customers. He's very professional, quick to respond, and does quality work. If you are needing anything HVAC related don't hesitate to call them!
Jasmine F.
Woodinville, WA
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Airloop did an excellent job installing our central air conditioning. Very courteous, very competitive pricing and very good follow up service. We’re very happy with the job they did and would recommend them very highly.

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HVAC FAQs: Expert Answers

Here’s a list of common furnace repairs:

  1. Ignition Issues
  2. Dirty or Clogged Filters
  3. Blower Motor Problems
  4. Thermostat Malfunctions
  5. Pilot Light or Flame Sensor Issues (Gas Furnaces)
  6. Lack of Heat
  7. Noisy Operation
  8. Cycling On and Off Frequently
  9. Heat Exchanger Problems
  10. Electrical or Wiring Issues
  11. Gas Leaks (Gas Furnaces)
  12. Insufficient Maintenance

The most expensive part to fix on a furnace is typically the heat exchanger. Replacing a damaged heat exchanger can be a significant cost due to being labor intensive and the critical role it plays in the furnace’s operation and safety.

A basic furnace inspection typically costs around $180 to $250, but more comprehensive inspections with additional services can be $250 to $400 or more in the Seattle Area. Consider maintenance contracts for regular furnace check-ups and get discounts on costly repairs.

A common failure for a furnace is a malfunctioning or failed ignitor. The ignitor is responsible for lighting the furnace’s burners and initiating the heating process. Over time, ignitors can wear out or become damaged, causing the furnace to fail to ignite. Ignitor problems are particularly common in older furnaces.

Regular maintenance, upgrading to energy-efficient models, and proper insulation are key strategies. We can assess your system and provide tailored advice for reducing energy consumption.

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