Terms of Service

Payment Terms and Conditions:

  • Immediate Payment Requirement: Payment in full is required immediately upon the completion of the provided services.
  • Late Payment Consequences: Should any payment remain outstanding upon completion, a late fee of 1.5% per month will be imposed on the overdue amount.
  • Collection Process: In the event of non-payment, Airloop Heating and Air Conditioning reserves the right to forward the account to a collection agency. The customer will then be responsible for any additional charges incurred by Airloop Heating and Air Conditioning due to this collection process.
  • Legal Proceedings: If legal action is necessary to recover the debt, the customer shall be liable for all associated costs, including attorney fees. This extends to any legal action required to collect any part of the outstanding obligation. Furthermore, the customer will be responsible for any court-adjudicated reasonable attorney’s fees in addition to the costs allowed to a prevailing party by law.


Consumer Acknowledgement and Agreement:

  • Awareness of Alternative Service Providers: The customer acknowledges the availability of alternative companies capable of addressing the issues outlined in the work order. The decision to engage Airloop Heating and Air Conditioning signifies the customer’s informed choice.
  • Limitation of Liability: In case of any failure by Airloop Heating and Air Conditioning to perform as agreed, or due to any negligence on its part, the customer’s sole remedy is the return of purchased goods for repair or replacement of nonconforming parts. The customer explicitly relinquishes the right to seek any other consequential damages or monetary compensation that might otherwise be available under the law.
  • Contractual Acceptance: The customer’s signature on the contract indicates a thorough understanding and acceptance of these terms, recognizing them as fair and reasonable, and confirming that the acceptance of these terms is made freely and voluntarily.


Business Engagement Terms:

  • Remedies for Service Failure or Negligence: In instances where the customer experiences loss due to failure of performance or negligence by Airloop Heating and Air Conditioning, the exclusive remedies available are the return of purchased goods for a full refund, or the repair or replacement of any nonconforming parts.
  • Exclusion of Consequential Damages: The customer is not entitled to any other forms of consequential damages that would typically be provided under the law.
  • Informed Consent: By signing the contract, the customer acknowledges understanding and agreement to these terms, affirming that the terms are accepted as both fair and reasonable, and that this acceptance is made willingly and without coercion.”