As temperatures are rising with the onset of the summer, and chances are you will be beating the heat with air conditioning in your home. To stay environmentally friendly while keeping cool, check out our energy-saving tips below.

1. Watch Your Thermostat
Most air conditioners come equipped with a “normal” setting for the thermostat and we recommend that you keep the temperature within that range 25c may sound like a tough one, but it’s actually sufficient for keeping your room cool in hot weather! If your room is feeling stuffy, then it’s probably time to switch out your air conditioner.

2. Buy an Energy-Efficient System
Consider purchasing an energy-efficient unit when replacing your air conditioner. Look for energy labels and check out the rating systems — certified energy-efficient models tend to be 10-15% more energy-saving then regular models. Plus, these energy- saving units translate into cost savings for you too.

3. Set a Timer
You probably don’t need the air conditioner to be blowing all through the night while you rest. Make use of the sleep timer function on your air conditioner, such that it switches off automatically after a period of time. That way, you can keep cool without worrying about the electricity bills.

4. Draw the Blinds
Keep your room cool by drawing the curtains. This helps to keep sunlight out which can potentially increase the temperature. Remember to shut the door of the room as well, to prevent cool air from escaping when you use the air conditioner.

5. Service Your Air Conditioner Yearly
If you haven’t gotten your air conditioner serviced in ages, you definitely should. Regular servicing is key for keeping your air conditioner in good shape. Getting a professional to service your air conditioner will help in checking for any damaged components and dirty filters, enabling your air conditioner to work as efficiently as possible.

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