The effects of snow on your HVAC system.

For most homeowners, having central HVAC units is a no-brainer. We all know how important it is to have clean air filters so that your HVAC system works efficiently. We’ve already gone through the importance of switching to smart thermostats. And now, with winter rearing its ugly head, there are some things that all homeowners should know about the effects of snow on your HVAC systems.

Regular ice buildup on outdoor units.

The first thing that should always be noted is that not all ice and snow build-up on your heat pump is a severe issue. In fact, for a heat pump, it is often normal to see a buildup of ice on, particularly cold days. Heat pumps typically operate via a refrigerant which absorbs the temperature from the Earth’s atmosphere and then any excess moisture that builds up usually occurs on the processing coils. This happens on those blistery cold days when outside temperatures are at or around zero degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, you may end up noticing that your HVAC system works a little slower than usual on frigid winter days. This is nothing to be concerned about.

How falling snow or ice can wreak havoc on your HVAC unit.

To be perfectly honest, even the tiniest build-up of ice or snow on your HVAC unit is rare. That is why when it occurs, it can be cause for panic. When an ice buildup is detected, the HVAC unit should be able to automatically switch to a heat-distribution mode. This would allow the ice to melt off the coils reducing a future disaster. However, when snow has built up around the HVAC unit, mainly when the snow is heavy and not soft, this can be a severe issue. If the HVAC unit isn’t able to defrost itself correctly, you could be looking at a big problem that requires the services of a professional.

Traditional HVAC systems from AIRLOOP®

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