Do you know what can happen to your gas line during a serious earthquake? It can rupture and leak, putting you and your family in danger. Surely that’s not something you want to risk.

The shut-off valves automatically turn off gas lines in the event that strong seismic activity occurs, protecting your home from any possible gas leaks.

In addition, they can easily be reset. This means that after any potentially dangerous activity goes by and everything is back to normal, the gas back on, leaving you to go about your daily life without any interruptions.

You will also enjoy these benefits:

  1. It doesn’t matter if you, or other members of your family, are home or away. The valve will work no matter what – 24 hours a day.
  2. They are compatible with propane or natural gas.
  3. It can fit on all residential gas supply lines.

Don’t put your family at risk for a gas leak in your home – get one of these automatic gas shut-off valves before an earthquake hits. 

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